WARNING: The content of this blog is based entirely on Seasons 1-5 of ABC’s LOST.  If you have not watched all 103 episodes and don’t want your fun spoiled,then please do not read this blog until you’ve caught up All other proceed at your own risk.

LOST Re-Watch?

Like so many others, I am a fan of the TV show/cultural phenomenon known as LOST.  IMO, it may be the the best TV show ever produced.  If you’ve never watched it, go over to right now and watch Season 1, Episode 1.  But only if you want to be hooked.  So what is the LOST Re-Watch? Well, basically Season 5 of LOST finished a couple of weeks ago, and we have to wait until January 2010 for the final season of the series to air.  (Do the math – that’s 1/2 a year, 6 months, or 180 days – give or take a few).  After the big things revealed in Season 5 it seems like an almost unbearable amount of time for most LOST fans to wait.

So many have decided to go back and re-watch all 5 seasons before January 2010 – yes, for the sheer enjoyment of it, but also to look for clues and significant happenings that only make sense based on what we know now.  Kinda like after you saw the ending of Sixth Sense and had to go watch it all over again.  Yeah, I know – it’s just a TV show.  Yeah, I know – that’s a lot of episodes (3 or 4 a week).  But c’mon how many Friends or  Everyone Loves Raymond or (insert favorite old TV show here) reruns did you use to watch every week?  Yeah, I thought so.

Ok, So Why Blog About It?

Well, I love LOST and I love blogging (here’s my “regular” blog).  It just kinda made sense to me.  If I’m going back and watching the entire series, why not have something to show for it?  Plus, I’ve realized lately that I have a hard time being disciplined about my blogging.  This will give me a definite chance to develop a writing rythmn.  However, I have set some groundrules for myself so I don’t go absolutely bonkers.

  • Keeping posts to 500-800 words (or less).
  • Finding 1-3 compelling points per episode, rather than extensive recaps focusing on the minutiae and every possible theory.
  • For the most part, exploring items of significance relating to the following issues that I find particularly interesting after Season 5:
    • The over-personification of the Island.  Throughout the series people attribute a personal will to the Island itself.  I have come to believe that in most cases it is Jacob, his nemesis, or another party exploting either the Island’s special properties or people’s beliefs about the Island.
    • The development of John Locke’s character, in particular the long-con he falls victim to (apparently) thanks to Jacob’s nemesis (apparently)
    • The activities of the Smoke Monster and the apparitions seen on the Island – who are they, what are they, what do they tell people to do, who are they working for?
    • The theme of life and death (and perhaps more heavily focused on death)
    • Any significant foreshadowing or statement/action that takes on different meaning in light of what we know now
  • Trying to limit my blogging to 1/2 hour or less per episode – I’m not interested in belaboring this – it’s supposed to be an enjoyable creative outlet.

I think part of the beauty of LOST is the conversation it stirs.  If you read this blog and it makes you think, please post comments.  Enjoy!

I assume all media on this blog are property of the respective copyright holders (likely ABC or Bad Robot Productions, I guess).  Most media has been found at Lost Media.


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