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LOST Rewatch, LOST 1×15, Homecoming

WARNING: The content of this blog is based entirely on Seasons 1-5 of ABC’s LOST. If you have not watched all 103 episodes and don’t want your fun spoiled,then please do not read this blog until you’ve caught up!

Note: I fell behind on the rewatch this past week as we were on a short family vacation.  SO the next few posts will be much shorter.  For a more detailed analysis of Episodes 1×13-16 check out JOpinionated’s Lost Blog!

It's Claire's homecoming, but Charlie get's most of the attention this episode.

It's Claire's homecoming, but Charlie get's most of the attention this episode.

This is an interesting Episode that by title seems to focus on Claire and her “homecoming” to rejoin the Losties, but in actuality it focuses more on Charlie, including flashbacks for him.  Claire has amnesia and can’t remember anything since being on Oceanic 815.  Yeah – welcome home babe! Can you imagine being 8 -months pregnant, finding yourself wandering in the jungle and not knowing why?  Crazy!

Charlie trying to sell a Heatherton C815 copier - and failing miserably.

Charlie trying to sell a Heatherton C815 copier - and failing miserably.

In flashbacks we find out how low Charlie would sink to get a fix.  He enters a relationship with a wealthy girl simply to nic something from her to get drug money.  In the process of developing their relationship her dad gives Charlie a job as s copier salesman – but he fails abysmally, opting to steal a priceless family heirloom.  In the end he’s found out and the girl dumps him.

On Island Ethan reappears threatening to kill one lostie a day until he gets Claire back.  Scott (a regular background character) is found dead presumably killed by Ethan.  A plan is hatched to use Claire as bait to get Ethan.  Guns are handed out (after an interesting scene with Jack and Locke in the Jungle looking at the stash of guns – Jack in a black t-shirt and Locke in a white one) and Sawyer reveals that he has had one all along.  Charlie asks for a gun but is silent when asked if he’s ever used one.  So Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Sayid, and Kate traipse out with guns into the jungle.

The hunting party and bait

The hunting party and bait

Ethan falls for the bait andsome scuffling and running ensues.  Jack unknowingly drops his gun and everyone is shocked when Ethan is shot dead by Charlie.   A truly spine tingling moment.  I can understand Charlie’s anger, but what a stupid move!  Of course, if they had captured Ethan alive what kind of information could they possibly get from him?  Interesting how despite dying early on Ethan’s character continues as the series unfolds.

What struck me most in this episode is how truly ominous and evil the (as-of-yet-not-named) OTHERs seem to be.  Ethan is portrayed as brutal and vengeful.  He says he’ll kill a lostie a day until he gets Claire back.  Scott’s death seems to confirm this.  Strange that his persona doesn’t seem to jive with later portrayals.  Just days before he was fixing Juliet’s plumbing with a smile back in Dharmaville.

Goodwin (the other Other sent to collect info on tail section survivors) is also cunning and kills Nathan.  Yet in his Dharmaville flashback life Goodwin seems like a generally good guy – well except for his interest in Juliet’s other plumbing – but the point is he does not seem the cold blooded killer.  What is it about the island that these two guys are so radically committed to killing for?  After 5 seasons I’m still not clear on it.  Are they working for Jacob when they kidnap pregnant women and kill innocent bystanders?  Or is it part of what Jacob’s nemesis refers to when he says in the Season 5 finale, “They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.”

Charlie takes out Ethan.  Now their even . . . or are they?

Charlie takes out Ethan. Now they're even . . . or are they?

This is the beginning of the tension of who is good or bad on the island.  Interesting to note that although on this section of beach-front-property The Others have first blood, not so down the coast a stretch where Mr. Eko was the first to kill two unnamed Others. In the infamous words of Benjamin Linus, “We’re the good guys.”  Of course, everyone always likes to think that their side is the good side.  Time will tell.  Or will it?


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