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Lost Rewatch, Lost 1×11, All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues

WARNING: The content of this blog is based entirely on Seasons 1-5 of ABC’s LOST. If you have not watched all 103 episodes and don’t want your fun spoiled,then please do not read this blog until you’ve caught up!

Jack and John disagree on how to proceed (surprise, surprise!)

Jack and John disagree on how to proceed (surprise, surprise!)

Quick Summary

  • This episode centers on Jack Shepherd.  n Flashbacks we see his relationship with hisdad deteriorate.  Tensions mount over a botched surgery that Christian asks Jack to lie about. At first he does, but in the end he reveals that his dad was operating under the influence of alcohol.
  • On Island action revolves around the search for Claire and Charlie who have been taken by Ethan

John Locke and Jack Shephard Search for Claire

The search for Charlie and Claire is on, but which way?

The search for Charlie and Claire is on, but which way?

What starts as a mutual search for Claire and Charlie quickly devolves into what will become a classic stand-off between John and Jack on how things should be done.  Jack, anxious to rescue Claire and Charlie and fix things wants to charge off after their trail as time iis of the essence.  John wants to go back and organize a search party, gather some gear, and seemingly do this search right.  He says it’ll only take 10 minutes.  So the two, as will happen so often go their seperate ways.  Jack deeper into the Jungle, and  John back to camp.Back at camp Kate and Boone volunteer to go on the expedition, but Locke rebuffs Michael’s attempt to join stating that he’ll only slow them down and that he should form another team to go south.

Boone doesn't believe John just worked at a box company.

Boone doesn't believe John just worked at a box company.

Locke’s team easily catch up with Jack who has been wandering in circles.  They continue to follow the trail until there is a fork.  Jack sees one of Charlies finger bandages on a bush with a trail leading onward.  John sees another trail leading n a different direction.  Kate’s skills as a tracker come out as she mentions that the trail “from Charlie” could be a ruse by the kidnapper to throw them off.  Locke agrees and says they should all follow the trail he’s found.  Jack weigh’s in that they should split up with two following each trail.  So Kate joins him on the “Charlie” trail and Boone and Locke follow the other.

Ethan's handiwork.  Nice people those Others. . .

Ethan's handiwork. Nice people those Others. . .

Ultimately, these two paths lead to very different destinations.  Jack and Kate eventually here screams and after a tumble down a hill Jack has a bout of fisticuffs with Ethan, who warns Jack that if they keep following him one of the kidnapped will be killed.  Locke’s trail goes cold pretty quickly, but he and Boone persistently follow it (or something) anyways.  There are some interesting interchanges as Boone asks Locke what he used to do guessing perhaps a taxdermist or a hitman and not believing Locke’s truthful answer about the box company.  Locke also predicts when it will start raining.  Meanwhile Jake and Kate discover Charlie hanging limply in the trees in another one of those chilling Season 1 scenes.

After trying to resuscitate Charlie for several minutes Jack gives up on him as dead.  But after pausing he pounds on his chest again and this time Charlie revives.  But was it Jack help or something else that did it?

Locke's light hits the hatch.

Locke's light hits the hatch.

As night falls Boone decides to go back to camp leaving Locke to follow the cold trail on his own.  Locke tosses a flashlight to Boone, who doesn’t mae the catch.  The light lands on something metallic.  The episode ends wth Boone asking what it has hit and John saying with a grin, “That’s what we’re gong to find out.”  Almost as if he’d been looking for it all along.  Almost.

John tells Boone they are going to find out  . . . but find out what!?

John tells Boone they are going to find out . . . but find out what!?

Actually in this episode there are a couple of times that it seems like Locke may already be on a different agenda.  When he goes bac to camp to put together the search team is he stalling to give Ethan a head start?  When the two trails diverge in the jungle – was there even a second trail?  It was only John’s word that there was – no one else examined it.  Was John knowingly trying to lead the search away from Ethan?  He mentions that the kidnapping was his fault as he hunted with Ethan and never suspected a thing.  Hmmm…Really Locke?  Perhaps Ethan told John his plan, or told him where to look for the hatch or maybe both?  It’s hard to say but it seems plausible that Ethan had instructions to give to Locke The question is how he convinced Locke to believe him at this early stage of the story.  Of course it very well could be that the island itself is guiding Locke in a mysterious way.

Funny Scenes

Two hilarious scenes this episode, both dealing with Walt.  In one he’s thoroughly beating Hurley in backgammon, throwing what he calls on the dice, while Hurley can’t throw anything decent.  Walt wins and as Hurley walks off to a “meeting” Walt yells out, “Hey, you owe me $20,000!”  To which Hurley says, “You’ll get it.”  Little does Walt now that Hurley really is good for the money.

Hurley says Walt will get his $20,00 in backgammon winnings

Hurley says Walt will get his $20,00 in backgammon winnings

In another scene, Walt is walking in the jungle with his Dad and Sawyer on the second “search party” and tells sawyer about Ethan.  Sawyer asks who Ethan is and they have the following conversation:

SAWYER: Alrighty, Tattoo, where do you think Ethan came from?

WALT: Maybe he was already on the island, before we were.

SAWYER: You got yourself one hell of an imagination, kid.

WALT: There could be lots of other people on the island.

SAWYER: So a tribe of evil natives planted a ringer in the camp to kidnap a pregnant girl and a reject from VH-1 has-beens. Yeah, fiendishly clever. And why am I getting the evening news from a 6 year old.

WALT: I’m 10.

SAWYER: Okay, then it must be true.

Yes Sawyer, fiendishly clever!

Walt schools Sawyer on the dynamics of Island living

Walt schools Sawyer on the dynamics of Island living

So in the end, they recover Charlie, but not Claire and Locke and Boone have discovered something mysterious and metallic in the jungle.  If they only knew what was going to happen next.  (or maybe some of them do . . . . )

This post was written while enjoying some espresso at Danesi Cafe.



  1. Another fantastic episode on re-watch.

    I’m now having some suspicions about Christian. It may be nothing, but he lays a hand on Jack’s shoulder when Jack is threatening not to sign his surgery report where the girl dies on the table and Jack says his father had been under the influence of drink. From that point – albeit acompanied by some strong persuasive argument, Jack appears to fall in line – at least temporarily. Later we see Christian being addresed by the dead gir’s grieving husband. Again Christian lays his hand on the guy’s shoulder and he appears to calm down. It may be nothing – just an experienced doctor – or maybe Christian is more than we know – even in the flashbacks. Given his interconnectedness in the later story and relationship with the Littleton clan, he may have been more associated with Island mystery before we see him apparently resurrected. Who can tell. Or maybe only time will tell!

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