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Lost Rewatch, Lost 1×10, Raised by Another

WARNING: The content of this blog is based entirely on Seasons 1-5 of ABC’s LOST. If you have not watched all 103 episodes and don’t want your fun spoiled,then please do not read this blog until you’ve caught up!

Quick Summary

This episode focuses on Claire.

Richard Malkin implores Claire in the middle of the night that she and she alone must raise Aaron

Richard Malkin implores Claire in the middle of the night that she and she alone must raise Aaron

  • In flashbacks we discover that Claire became pregnant with her artist boyfriend Thomas who encourages her to have the baby and then walks out on her.
  • Claire visits a psychic who at first refuses to do her reading, but later relents.  He reveals things about her pregnancy and relationship that makes him appear credible.  At first insisting that Claire and Claire only raise the child he later sets her up with adoptive parents in LA leading to her being on Oceanic 815.
  • On Island Claire is nearing her due date and is plagued with nightmares.  When she thinks she is attacked in the night Jack suggests a sedative which angers Claire causing her to leave for the beach camp.
  • The relationship between Charlie and Claire grows as he believes in her and offers his support to her.
  • Sayid returns to the caves bloodied and harried.  He fearfully informs Locke, Jack, and Kate that they are not alone on the island.

Claire’s Nightmare

A creepu cryptic Locke in Claire's nightmare

A creepu cryptic Locke in Claire's nightmare

In what may be the most creepy segment in the 1st season, Claire has a nightmare in which she has already given birth and she hears the baby crying in the jungle.  She runs after the sound only to find John Locke sitting at a table with a lamp in the jungle.  He is either playing solitaire or dealing tarot cards, it’s difficult to tell which.  He chastises Claire for gving her baby away sayng that everyone would now pay the price for her mistake.  When he looks up from the cards one of his eyes is completely black and the other is completely white.  Creepy.  Claire runs off, discovering a crib among the trees.  Upon closer inspection there s no baby, just bloods soaked sheets.  Claire awakens with blood curdling screams.

"Just call me creepy eyes..."

"Just call me creepy eyes..."

So what was up with John in the dream?  Was this simply Claire’s subconscious?  If so, what was up with John’s eyes?  Was someone/something on the Island trying to communicate to her?

Claire’s boyfriend & Her psychic

Claire’s boyfriend Thomas became much more of an enigma as the series wore on and the specialness of aaron and his birth became apparent.  Who was this guy who loved and left Claire?  Did he have any connection to the Island?  Some people even went so far as to speculate that he was in some way related to Ben Linus (due to a faint physical resemblance between the two characters).  I never really bought that.  For awhile after season 5 I wondered if he might have been Jacob or his nemesis but this also seems unlikely.

One significant link between Thomas and the Island is actually Charles Widmore.  We see one of Thomas’ distinctive paintings in Widmore’s office.  We see another similar one at the Swan Station.  The significance of these two peices of art and what they say about Thomas’ connection to the Island is unnown.

After I saw this episode I was toying with the possibility that Thomas is the same as Claire’s psychic Richard Malkin.  The bulk of this was based on a slight physical resemblance (despite the obvous age difference – think Eloise Hawking).  Is it possible that Richard knew what to say to Claire to manipulate her towards the Island because he was in fact her former lover and some sort of time looper?

Claire's deadbeat artist boyfriend Thomas

Claire's deadbeat artist boyfriend Thomas

Claire's psychic Richard Malkin

Claire's psychic Richard Malkin

After reveiwing the matter some more I rediscovered that Malkin had been investigated by Mr. Eko (as a priest) due to Malkin’s daughter’s apparently miraculous resurrection.  This Charlotte Malkin delivered a message to Eko from his dead brother Yemi, so something is clearly up with this family.  Malkin later reveals to Eko that he was a fraud as a psychic and that a couple in LA had paid him off to convince Claire to be on Oceanic 815.  Could it have been Eloise Hawking?  Who knows . . . hopefully some of this gets sorted out next season.

Hurley’s Census and Discovery

After Claire says she was attacked (which Jack said was just a nightmare), Hurley tells Jack that they need to get a handle on who’s with them on the island.  Ironically he mentions finding out “who’s related to who.”  Ironic as Jack and Claire’s family ties won’t be discovered until the Oceanic 6 get off the Island.

Hurley getting away from Locke during the census

Hurley getting away from Locke during the census

While taking the census Hurley asks Locke why he was on the plane.  Locke responds that he was looking for something.  When Hurley asks if he found it, Locke looks reflectively up into the hills and says that it found him.  Hurley walks away with  an extra saying, “Hey, uh, I know I already talked to you, but, uh, I just wanted to get away from him fast, okay?”

Hurley also encounters Ethan gathering fruit.  He says he’s from Ontario and wonders what the census is all about.  Hurley is non-commital.  Then after irritating Shannon with questions Hurley recieves Boone’s suggestion to get the manifest from Sawyer to make matters easier.  Sawyer obliges and Hurley discovers that there is an extra person among them.  Namely, Ethan Rom.  This confirms Sayid’s report of not beng alone on the island.  Uh-oh.

The rub is Claire had stormed out of the caves headed toward the beach with Charlie because she was ticked at Jack.  She starts having contractions and Charlie runbs back to tell the good doctor.  Instead he finds Ethan in the jungle, sends him for Jack and returns to Claire’s side.  A few minutes later Ethan’s true colors appear as he emerges menacingly from the forest with no Jack in tow.  The episode ends with a chilling staredown between Ethan and Claire.

Uhhhh . . . did someone call for a Doctor?

Uhhhh . . . did someone call for a Doctor?

Funniest Scene/Line:

While Claire is having contractions in the middle of the jungle, Charlie insist he can help – even deliver the baby if he has to.  Here’s the rest of the conversation:

CLAIRE: Charlie, you don’t know how to deliver a. . .

CHARLIE: Just listen to me. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. I might not know what I’m doing but I’ll figure it out. If I can kick drugs I can deliver a baby. Let me explain. I’m a drug addict. I was a drug addict. I’m clean now.

CLAIRE: Get Jack.


Charlie back pedals from his rationale for being able to delivery a baby

Charlie explains his rationale for being able to delivery a baby

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  1. That’s really interesting about Claire’s boyfriend, Thomas, and the Malkins. Can’t wait to find out what that’s all about.

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