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Lost Rewatch, Lost 1×09, Solitary

WARNING: The content of this blog is based entirely on Seasons 1-5 of ABC’s LOST. If you have not watched all 103 episodes and don’t want your fun spoiled,then please do not read this blog until you’ve caught up!

Sayid sits alone on the beach looking at a picture of Nadia and the final note she wrote to him

Sayid sits alone on the beach looking at a picture of Nadia and the final note she wrote to him

Quick Summary

  • The bulk of this episode centers on Sayid.  On island he stumbles upon a cable emerging from the ocean that leads him into a trap.
  • Sayid is captured and tortured by Danielle Rousseau, learning eventually of her shipwreck on the island, and the subsequent deaths of the rest of her team 16 years previously.
  • In flashbacks we learn about Sayid’s days as a interrogator for the Republican Guard.  One of his victims is childhood friend and later sweetheart who Sayid pretends to interrogate, but in the end releases.  Although we do not learn why in this episode he believes that he is responsible for Nadia’s death.
  • In other on-Island action Hurley builds a golf course to provide some much needed stress-relief and we meet Ethan for the first time!
Sayid dangling from a trap set by Danielle Rousseau

Sayid dangling from a trap set by Danielle Rousseau

This episode s a good reminder of how tense and scary the episodes in the first season were.  I remember an edge-of-my-seat feeling as Sayid was captured and tortured by the seemingly insane french woman Rousseau.  The tension in this episode is palpaple, but somewhat lost on the re-watch because we know how things will turn out in the end – but for first time watchers this a bit of a nail biter.

Danielle Rousseau

Danielle is such a complicated and perhaps under appreciated supporting character.  As the first non-815 person that the Losties knowingly encounter, she represents the full-on mystery and danger of the island.  She’s be lost on the Island for 16 years having killed her “infected” team mates and is now holed up in a end-of-the-world type bunker protected by tripwires and snares.  Rousseau seems to be on the brink of insanity and is a chilling vision of what the Losties may become.  On the surface her appearance in this episode raises more questions than answers:

  • Why was her distress call never answered?
  • What infected her team?  Will it infect the Losties?
  • Who are the other inhabitants of the Island and why do they whisper in the jungle?
  • What is the monster and how has she avoided it for so many years?

As a brief reminder:

  • 1988 – arrives on the Island, soon thereafter meets Jin and id prevented by him from following her comrades into the Temple.
  • 1988 (2 months later) – Kills her lover Robert and then confronts Jn before he flashes away
  • 1988 (shortly after) – sets transmission in radio tower and three days later gives birth to Alex
  • 1989 – Ben Linus is sent by Charles Widmore to kill Danielle Rousseau but after seeing baby Alex he is unable to.  Instead he kidnaps Alex and warns Rousseau that if she wants her daughter to stay alive she should run the other way whenever she hears whispers n the jungle.
  • For the next 16 years she apparently lives alone in the jungle, avoiding Smokey and polar bears (and the Dharma Purge ?somehow?) and running from whispers until she meets Sayid in 2004.
Danielle Rousseau takes aim at Sayid

Danielle Rousseau takes aim at Sayid

Some of these questions have now been answered, but deeper ones remain:

  • What really happened between the Science Team and the Smoke Monster? Smokey killed one of the team soon after they crashed on the Island and apparently killed another after ripping his arm off and dragging him below the temple.  However, three more team members went under the temple and emerged alive, saying the monster was actually a security system.  After this re-emergence Danielle said they were infected.  What happened to them?  Why did Smokey kill some and not the others?  Or did it?  Perhaps Smokey did kill the others and they reappeared in a re-animated form (a la Christian Shephard and John Locke) thus causing Rousseau to be suspicious of them and say they were infected.
  • Why in 16 years hadn’t the Monster killed Danielle as well? It seems as though it would have had ample opportunity to do so.  Was Danielle just that good at avoiding it or did it choose to not kill her?
  • Who wanted Rousseau dead? Widmore said it was “The Island.”  Ben disputed this and took Alex as his own daughter.  Where was Widmore getting this info?  Jacob?  The Nemesis?  Hmself?  Or was he operating on a general principle that all outsiders needed to be killed?  Why doesn’t Widmore send someone else to kill her?  How come in 16 years she never encounters the Others?
  • Do people like Rousseau, Ben, Richard, etc. remember the Losties they met while they were time-flashing? Like Jin.  Despite her seeming insanity it seems that Rousseau would remember Jin flashing into those critical moments of her life.  Notice that Danielle told Sayid that the Others infected her team, and that she assumed Jin to be an Other during his time flash.  I don’t recall Rousseau ever comng in contact with Jin in the 2000s, but we never would have had reason to think about any interacton she had with him.  It will be interesting to see if she shows any recognition of him.

Enter Ethan Rom

Ethan, boar hunting companion of John Locke, meets Hurley for the first time

Ethan, boar hunting companion of John Locke, meets Hurley for the first time

In a brief but significant scene we meet Ethan Rom for the first time.  He appears out of the jungle and first time viewers just assume he’s another one of the Losties.  What’s he up to?  Boar hunting wth John Locke.   Ooooooo . . . how interesting!  Actually he arrives with Locke and drops a couple of suitcases they “found” in the jungle at Hurley’s feet.  After a brief exchange t s implied that they are going back out to do some more hunting.

Now, we know that Ethan was sent by Ben to look for survivors and make lists.  Based on Ben/Richard’s hstory with John Locke, one has to wonder if Ethan is specifically looking for him.  It seems likely that at least Richard knows about Locke, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Sayid based on his encounters with them in the 70s.  Would Ethan also know about Locke?  What did they talk about while they were off “boar hunting”?  Ultimately we have no idea if they discuss anything other than boar, but we do now that Ethan  is conning the Losties and doing a very good job of it.

Funniest Line/Scene:

JACK: Hurley, you built a golf course?

HURLEY: Rich idiots fly to tropical islands all the time to whack balls around.

MICHAEL: All the stuff we’ve got to deal with, man — this is what you’ve been wasting your time on?

HURLEY: Dudes, listen. Our lives suck. Everyone’s nerves are stretched to the max. I mean, we’re lost on an island, running from boars and monsters — freakin’ polar bears.

MICHAEL: Polar bears?

CHARLIE: You didn’t hear about the polar bear?

Hurley opens a golf course for some much needed stress relief

Hurley opens a golf course for some much needed stress relief

This post written while watchng Pokemon with my son.



  1. I forget to reply to your comments instead of to the post in general, so they’re all out of order. Sorry.

  2. Yeah, I guess I have thought too, that Richard doesn’t always let on when he knows/recognizes someone.
    I didn’t think about him travelling through time in a linear way. But that makes a lot of sense. And makes my head hurt…

    The Season 5 episode I was referring to was sometime after Locke told Richard et al, what to do with the bomb in the 50s. I mean: that was the “first” meeting, and we saw the second one later on as a flashback (maybe not the 70s, but possibly 2004-2007). But maybe in linear time it (the 50s) was actually the second meeting. I know this is pretty convoluted. You can just ignore it all if you like. 🙂

  3. Somehow it seems like interactions with the time-flashing Losties are not remembered. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like (in the 70s?) Locke has to remind Richard of who he is and what he told him, after having already met him in the 50s. This was in a Season 5 ep, but I can’t remember which one, or other details.

    • Hmm – I’m going to have to check that out. The timeline with Locke’s timeflashes are convoluted and I’m not sure we always now when they are. My guess, however, is that Richard remembers everyone he’s met no matter when it’s been. I used to thin he didn’t age because he was constantly timelooping, but after the end of season 5 he said that Jacob made him the way he is. My guess is he’s been alive since the days of the Black Rock and travels through time in what we would think of as in a normal linear fashion. That said I think Richard always plays his cards close to his vest particularly when encountering people he’s pretty sure are time looping. He has to pretend like he doesn’t know them to get a feel for what part of the timeline they are coming from. Or something like that =)

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