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Lost Rewatch, Lost 1×08, Confidence Man

WARNING: The content of this blog is based entirely on Seasons 1-5 of ABC’s LOST. If you have not watched all 103 episodes and don’t want your fun spoiled,then please do not read this blog until you’ve caught up!

Sawyer off-island working a con

Sawyer off-island working a con

The majority of the action in this episode revolves around Sawyer and introduces us to a number of key facts about his life and sets the stage for key relationships and rivalries for many episodes to come.    Of course this is where we find out that Sawyer was a con man off-island who got in the business by taking on the identity of the man who conned and caused the deaths of his parents.

Sayid demonstrating his skills as a "Communications Officer"

Sayid demonstrating his skills as a "Communications Officer"

On Island animosity is stoked as Sawyer appears to have Shannon’s asthma medicine (which she is badly in need of) but he’s holding out.  This eventually leads to the infamous scene where Sayid tortures Sawyer with Jack looking on.  Sawyer agrees to reveal the location of the medicine, but only to Kate.  He extorts a kiss from her only to revel that he never had the medicine in the first place.  So we’re introduced to the complex character of James “Sawyer” Ford. We also see for the first time the infamous letter that Saywer wrote when he was a boy to the original Sawyer with the pen provded by Jacob.  Kate’s the only one at this point who knows his secret.

One other scene of note is important following last episodes incident with Sayid being knocked out in the jungle.  As I stated n my previous post we find out two seasons later that it was Locke in fact who knocked out Sayid.  Well, in this episode Locke lies through his teeth and shifts the focus of Sayids investigative attention squarely on Sawyer possibly contributing to his being tortured.    Here’s the transcript of Locke’s conversation with Sayid (courtesy of Lostpedia):

[Shot of a knife sharpening a stick to a point.]

SAYID: Locke, where were you last night, around sunset?

LOCKE: Well, I’m afraid the only witness to my whereabouts is the boar that I was skinning for our dinner. I heard you were trying to send out a distress call. So it would seem whoever attacked you has a reason for not wanting to get off the island. Maybe someone who is profiting from our current circumstances? And from what I’ve seen you and Mr. Sawyer share a certain animosity.

SAYID: No, he has an alibi. Just before I was struck, he set off a bottle rocket, a signal we had worked out — 2 kilometers away. He wouldn’t have the time to go. . .

LOCKE: Unless he found a way to time delay the fuse on his rocket.

SAYID: How could he possibly have. . .

LOCKE: Anyone who watches television knows how to improvise a slow fuse. Use a cigarette. [Locke offers Sayid his knife] Just in case there’s a next time.

Locke shifting blame from himself to Sawyer

Locke shifting blame from himself to Sawyer

Three things jump out at me:

  1. Locke’s alibi – well, ultimately how did he go knock out sayid and skin the boar for dinner?  Is it possible he had help with the boar?  Smokey anyone? (however looking back on the previous episode it appears that he was skinning the boar earlier in the afternoon)
  2. Locke gives his reason for knocking out Sayid as Sawyers, “whoever attacked you has a reason for not wanting to get off the island”  A little truth goes a long way.  Intriguing though that Sawyer does eventually become someone, like Locke, who wants to stay on the Island.
  3. Locke’s subtle manipulation of the situations at hand – playing up the animosity between Sayid and Sawyer, and actually giving Sayid a knife – you know  – just in case.  This seems to be the same knife Sayid uses when torturing Sawyer and eventually puts through his arm, hitting an artery.

So right from the start we have future rivals saving each other’s lives.  Locke saving Jack and now Jack saving Sawyer.

Also, isn’t it also ironic that Sawyer’s namesake is none other than Locke’s con man dad and here’s Locke conning Sayid into believing that sawyer was the one who nocked him out.  Of course, nether Locke nor sawyer know of this connection at this point, but it does make one wonder.  Boy what a small world, eh?

Or is it?  The Anthony Cooper sub-plot always intrigued me, especially when it intersected both Locke’s and Sawyer’s lives.  And then there was when he showed up on the island and was executed in the Black Rock.  I always thought that was pretty strange.  I wonder -was it really Anthony Cooper?  Or could it have been Smokey appearing as Cooper.  Of course that would be the first and only time he appeared as someone off-island and let someone touch him.  Ok, there’s other issues with that too – let’s nix that idea.

But how was it that Cooper was  involved so intimately in both Sawyer and Locke’s lives.  I almost wonder if Jacob’s nemesis had also made the rounds off island and had visited one Anthony cooper (or whatever his real name was) putting him on the course to ruin both Sawyer’s and Locke’s lives.

Michael in an Orange Shirt - dead man walking?

Michael in an Orange Shirt - dead man walking?

A couple of amusing and/or probably trivial thngs:

  • The husband of Sawyer’s con asks, “Is there some kind of loophole?” If he only knew how important loopholes would become in this series
  • Michael has been wearing an orange shirt for a couple episodes and Claire has an orange rabbit’s foot (remember the orange and death connection ala “The Godfather”)
  • Jack says to Kate when she asks him what’s stopping him from killing Sawyer, “We’re not savages, not yet.”  Hmmm – if body count were a sole indicator of who’s a savage and who’s not I think the Losties are gong to fit in that category sooner than they might thin.
  • After Jack talks Shannon down from an asthma attack Hurley says, “That was lie a Jed move!”  And he hasn’t even started writing Empire Strikes Back yet.
  • But the funniest line of the episode goes to Sawyer after Kate asks if he is serious about her giving him a kiss to get the location of Shannon’s medicine: Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a gen-u-ine I-raqi. Of course, I’m serious.
Could you two get a room?  Oh, right I forgot that's not how you roll.  But we won't know that for awhile . . .

Could you two get a room? Oh, right I forgot that's not how you roll. But we won't know that for awhile . . .

This post written while listening to:

fireworks in the neighborhood.

While watering my garden and enjoying the night air.


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