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Lost Rewatch Lost 1×06, House of the Rising Sun

WARNING: The content of this blog is based entirely on Seasons 1-5 of ABC’s LOST. If you have not watched all 103 episodes and don’t want your fun spoiled,then please do not read this blog until you’ve caught up!

Episode Quick Summary

Sayid comes to Michael's rescue, tackling Jin

Sayid comes to Michael's rescue, tackling Jin

  • Sun is featured in flashbacks, that include a glimpse into her and Jin’s past – he a waiter, she the debutante daughter of a wealthy businessman, yet Jin wins her hand in marriage by pledging to be her father’s assistant/hitman (unbenownst to Sun)
  • Their marriage steadily declines as the stress of in doing daddy’s dirty work mounts.  Sun arranges to leave Jin for good at the airport in Sydney but doesn’t follow through on it.
  • On Island: Jin apparently uprovoked attack on Michael causes Sayd to handcuff Jin to part of the wreckage in the blazing sun.  Sun later speaks to Michael in English revealing that he has a watch that belongs to Jin.  Michael returns the watch and releases Jin, but they are still bitter rivals.
  • The exodus to the caves begins, but the camp is split.  Of the main cast Jack, Locke, Hurley, Charlie, Sun, and Jin move into the caves with Adam and Eve (see below).  The rest stay to keep the signal fires lit and await rescue – HA!

Finding Adam & Eve

Jack examines "Adam & Eve" as Kate looks on

Jack examines "Adam & Eve" as Kate looks on

Kate stumbles upon two decayed human corpses in the caves after running from the bee swarm from the hive that Charlie split open by accident.  Jack investigates and estimates that it would have taken 40-50 years for the clothng to decay (but this may be questionable) and he finds a bag with a black stone and a white stone in one of their pockets.  Charlie and Locke also investigate and Locke dubs them “Our very own Adam & Eve.”

The question of Adam and Eve’s itrue dentities has been a source of much debate over 5 season, and like many I hope we find out in season 6.  Here are the most popular theories:

  • Bernard & Rose: This has been my favorite theory all along.  Black and white stones, black and white couple; and after the season 5 finale they seem to be homesteading it happily in the jungle.  Of course they are only 30 years in the past and who knows how they ended up dyng in the caves.
  • Jack & Kate: This one always seemed unlikely to me.  But there is a moment on the beach in this episode when Jack and Kate are dscussing her moving to the caves.  Kate replies that she doesn’t want to become Eve and Jack says that no one is asking her too.  Wouldn’t that be an ironic twist?
  • Sawyer & Juliet: After Sawyer settled down so well in Dharmaville and essentially went native it seemede possible for awhile that once things went south at Dharmaville (which was bound to happen) Sawyer would move to the caves with Juliet.  This now seems somewhat unlikely.

hrs stones

It’s interesting to note that Adam & Eve have a black and white stone with them, almost like the stones that Locke held up from the backgammon game when he refered to the opposing forces of light and dark.  Also interesting that it is Locke who dubbed them Adam and Eve – perhaps this is a bit of misgudance – who’s to say that these bodies belong to a happy couple?  Maybve Locke (under the influence of Smokey or Jacob’s nemesis) knows something about this couple even at this early point.

Charlie’s Drug Addiction

John Locke confronts Charlie about his drug problem

John Locke confronts Charlie about his drug problem

Locke calls Charlie out on hs heroin addiction, much to Charlie’s surprise.  They have a bit of a tense interchange about it which ends up at Charlie’s love for music and his guitar which has gone missing in the crash.  Locke asks if Charlie wants his guitar more than the drugs, because f he does and he gives Locke the heroin then Locke will help Charlie find his guitar.  When Charlie hand’s over the drugs John points up and Charlie sees his guitar resting in the hillside above them.

Did Lovcke simply see it there before the conversation, or did something more mysterious happen.

In Conclusion:It seems likely that Adam & Eve will turn out to be some well known members of the cast who expired in the past (oh – I just had an idea – what about Charlotte and Faraday – ok that’s just to weird and convoluted to prove), showing that even at this point in the series Abrams/Darlton knew where they were going with it.  As far as Locke goes, right now he is in what I will call his guru phase.  He seems to have specialized knowledge that is very helpful for the Losties – boar hunting, water finding (sort of), drug counseling, etc.  Pretty impressive for a washed up gamer and Box Co. employee, eh?

Funniest Line of the Episode

Charlie to Jack (re. Jack & Kate flirting and then about Locke): If you guys are finished verbally copulating we should get a move on. There’s a whole beach of people waiting for us to get some drinking water for them. And the great white hunter’s getting restless.

The "Great White Hunter" prepares to hike to the caves

The "Great White Hunter" prepares to hike to the caves

Two side notes: See the compass on Locke’s vest.  This is not the compass, but one that Locke passes on to Sayid later in the series.  Also could Great White Hunter be a play on words in that Locke becomes the great White (Jacob) hunter?  Oooooo . . . .

This post was written while enjoying a cappucino at Port City Java.



  1. Biggest suprise for me was seeing Sun and Jin go to the caves – what with Jin being such an expert fisherman. From a plot perspective it does help Sun be in the right place to help Shannon with her asthma.

    Once again John’s behaviour seems weird – but no more than “normal” (if that’s not a contradiction). He does seem to want to help Charlie – and his motives appear benevolent. This John does not seem to be MIB-reanimated, unless this is some elaborate grooming of Charlie for the part he goes on to play later.

  2. I think an additional reason that Adam and Eve are significant is because they are the first sign that the Losties are not the first people to be here.

    Also, they are discovered in the same episode that focuses on Sun & Jin’s marriage. I’m not convinced that Adam/Eve = Jin/Sun, but it could be our reassurance that they end up together after all.

    Also, the fact that they are dubbed “Adam and Eve” makes the Island some kind of Eden.

    I don’t read other theory blogs, so apologies if I happen to state what is already common discussion material.

    • Adam and Eve as Sun and Jin (or vice-versa) would be fitting wouldn’t it? When Sun finally finds Jin they refuse to be parted again which leads them to have to say on the Island for some reason. Hey melissa – thanks for reading and commenting. Your comments should post automatically now, let me know if they don’t.

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