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Lost Rewatch, S01Ep01 “Pilot Part 1”

WARNING: The content of this blog is based entirely on Seasons 1-5 of ABC’s LOST. If you have not watched all 103 episodes and don’t want your fun spoiled,then please do not read this blog until you’ve caught up!

Like I said on the front page of this blog, I don’t want to get into all the picky details of each episode.  I’m just going to write on a few things that were interesting and stood out to me.  Hopefully you will find them interesting to.  Please comment if you have any thoughts.

John Locke

Locke's Orange Peel - Harbinger of Death?

Locke's Orange Peel - Harbinger of Death?

In this episode we are introduced to a little of John Locke’s initial quirkiness.  He’s helpful and other-focused on the beach, helping Jack extract someone from the wreckage.  (Some have commented elsewhere that this is the last time they willingly work together for quite some time).  Shortly after Locke warns Gary Troup to stay away from the turbine before he he is sucked in causing an explosion, one of the more shocking moments early in the pilot.

The next time we see Locke is the odd but memorable moment captured in the picture here.  Kate has just been told by Jack that if she wants to come on the expedition to find the transciever in the cockpit that she needs different shoes.  She reluctantly scavenges a pair of hiking boots off a dead body.  Looking around nervously Kate sees Locke watching.  They make eye contact and Locke flashes her the famous, if somewhat disconcerting orange peel smile.

When I first saw this scene, I just kinda figured Locke was one of those people who does weird things to try to make the best of stressful situations.  But, Kate seems more disturbed than reassured by the grin.  And maybe with good reason.  I was later reminded of the fact that in the Godfather, Don Corleone has an orange in his mouth when he dies of a heart attack in the garden.  Oranges are subsequently used before moments of death in the rest of the Godfather movies.  And it has been theorized that the Lost creators use the color orange in a similar wya in this series as a nod to the Gofather.

So why did Locke flash the orange peel smile to Kate? It maybe as simple as Locke was watching Kate take the shoes off a dead body.  Or perhaps the fact that she is about to leave on a mission to the cockpit that will involve the death of the pilot of 815.  Or perhaps it’s a foreshadowing of Lockes own demise?  Or is he already dead?  Of course it could just be that John Locke  is one strange dude!

Jack in the Bamboo Grove

Jack Shepherd wakes up after the crash of Oceanic 815 in a bamboo grove

Jack Shepherd wakes up after the crash of Oceanic 815 in a bamboo grove

This one has been on my mind since The Ajira 316 crash episode in season 5.  If you remember, the episodes start almost identically.  There is a close up of Jack’s closed eye, which opens and as we zoom out we see he is laying on his back in the thick jungle.  As a matter of fact when I first saw 316 I thought initially that some bizarre twist had put Jack right back to after Oceanic 815 and that he and the other O6 would be working from that point in time to put things aright.  Of course, that was not the case.  Jack, Kate, and Hurley had time-flashed off the plane and ended up in the 1970s, soon to be found by Jin who’d been stuck there for awhile.  When comparing notes on what happened aboard Ajira 316 Jack asks Kate and Hurley if they remembered what happened.  None of them do.  One minute they were on the plane and then they woke up in the jungle.

Flashforward to 2004 (and back 4 seasons for us – boy time travel is confusing) and Jack and Kate have a very interesting conversation about the crash of Oceanic 815.  Kate remembers the whole crash, including the tail section being ripped off (right behind her).  Jack on the other hand doesn’t remember anything and says that he blacked out.  Perhaps it’s nothing, but is it a little odd that Jack ended up in the jungle seperate from all the other survivors.  Perhaps this was simply a dramatic way for our hero to enter the series – set apart at first, but running to the aid of the other victims.

But, I find it extremely intriguing that he arrived exactly the same way from Ajira 316 and in that case we know he was flashed off the plane.  Was heflashed off from Oceanic 815 rather than crashing with everyone else?  It doesn’t seem that he flashed through time after the 815 crash – but perhaps he did by a few hours.  Why?  Maybe Jacob or BSG had a reason.  Thoughts?


Kate sees Oceanic 815's pilot's dead body reflected in a muddy pool

Kate sees Oceanic 815's pilot's dead body reflected in a muddy pool

By the end of the first hour of the pilot we are introduced to the fact that this is no regular uncharted Pacific Island.  “The Monster” makes its debut by making a lot of noise and rattling trees in the jungle striking fear in the hearts of the survivors. There’s a somewhat Jurassic Park feel to the scene and the question of “what’s out there?” is immediately front and center. Of course we don’t know the form of the Monster at this point which makes it all the more terrifying, especially as Smokey’s first victim (the pilot) is ripped from the cockpit and in one of the most chilling scenes from Season 1 is left mangled, dead, and bloody in a the top of a nearby tree.

The question of what the monster is continues to unfold throughout the series.  But right from the start our band of Survivors learns that it is a deadly and fearful force.  I wonder why it killed the pilot, though?  At this point it just seems to be a rampaging beast.  But we know that’s not the case.  Was this simply a ploy by Jacob’s Nemesis to strike fear in these people who Jacob (potentially) brought the the Island?  Or was this particular pilot a risk for the Island that needed to be exterminated.  Also remember that Kate runs from the monster and ends up standing in a bamboo grove as it apparently swirls around the area and then leaves her unscathed.  Surely the Monster could have done the same to Kate.  Or could it?  Rememebr that Kate is one of the one’s Jacob touched?  And also that in a later episode Juliet and Kate end up in a similar situation with the Monster swirling about and then leaving them unscathed.  At first I thought it was because Juliet was an other, but what if Jacob’s touch imparted some sort of protection?  Hmmmm . . . only time will tell.  Ok – I’m 240 words over my word limit per post.  Time to go on to Part 2.

(in honor of my friend Stanford)

This post was written while listening to:

Plane Crash in C by Rilo Kiley,  and Hannes by Sigur Ros, among other things

And while drinking a refreshing glass of: Mirinda Orange Soda



  1. Kate’s taking the shoes off of a dead guy.

    From 316, where Jack is putting Locke’s shoes on :
    “Wherever you are John, you must be laughing your ass off that I’m actually doing this. Because this…this is even crazier than you are.”

  2. I don’t know about the color orange – maybe it is some kind of symbol. But, if nothing else, it shows us that there’s something very different about J. Locke. Something a little creepy.

    I think you’re right that Jack has a different experience arriving at the island than other characters. But why? Why is he singled out?

    And finally, I feel that there are some people who are “supposed” to be on the island, and those who aren’t part of that group are taken out by Smokey or possibly other means. I’m still unsure what to think about death on the island, but some people who have died reappear as “ghosts” later. The ones we never hear from again (the pilot, for example) just weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Maybe.

    • I agree about some people are supposed to be on the island and some aren’t. It always has seemed that way, but the end of season 5 threw a twist in it all for me. It used to seem like “The Island” itself was influencing people to be there, but know it seems like everyone may be pawns of either Jacob or his nemesis.

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